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Reason Funding

We’re pretty stoked to share our story; it sounds like something out of a feel-good novel. It all started in 2014. While sipping on their morning coffee, creators Dave Glassman and Steve Barshov received an email from a gentleman who was soon to be hitched to his lovely bride. This guy wasn’t interested in receiving gifts for his wedding. He was more interested in making a difference in the world. He wanted to set up a personal website to give to a charity of his choosing, but couldn’t find an affordable solution for this wish to be honored on his special day.

So, Dave and Steve put on their thinking caps, and Reason Funding was born. Since that fateful day, Reason Funding has grown to help organizations like Studer Community Institute, AHERO USA, Independence For The Blind and many others.

Through the help of Reason Funding, these organizations have made monumental impacts on the lives of thousands of people. The world today has a lot of problems that demand solutions. We’re happy to help provide some relief. Our Vision For Reason Funding Just like you, we envision a world that has fewer problems and more solutions. Our solution is simple: we want to empower you to change the world in your own way, using Reason Funding to inspire others to your cause and helping you achieve your goals and fulfill your mission.

214 E Garden St , PENSACOLA, , 32503
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