The ONE is The Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs dedicated to prioritizing members by cultivating relationships with a "family first" spirit that not only benefits our members, but also makes a positive impact on our community through business networking, referrals, and community outreach. 

The ONE truly believes in collaboration over competition and helps members build meaningful connections with other businesses. Unlike most networking organizations, the ONE promotes ALL networking. 

The ONE does not restrict members to the ONE and truly believes the more you network, the more you grow. So why join?

• Members drastically improve their public speaking skills and have the opportunity to not only earn the business of ONE members, but also their friends and colleagues by generating warm, permission-based referrals! 

• A ONE membership allows you to train other members your business. These trained members become your new sales team without the payroll expense! 

• The ONE offers FREE networking mentorship, FREE memberships to Non-Profits, and a 10% discount for veterans and emergency responders. 

• You can really change your life and grow your business as a member of The ONE, and the best part is, you can join right on this website. 

• So join now and let’s make a huge difference together, because: TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE.

The ONE Benefits

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What Sets The ONE Apart from the Others?

1. Networking is a great way to get your name out to the masses when you're on a tight budget. It can be expensive to join most networking groups. The ONE has 3 monthly membership tiers to choose from to fit any budget.

2. The ONE encourages you to network inside and outside of your chapter, and believes you shouldn't be frowned upon for being members of multiple chapters OR organizations!

3. Relationships are the currency of life. The ONE believes the more you network, the more you grow. Our primary goal is RELATIONSHIPS! Without relationships, referrals will not come. We also allow the Chapter President AND current seat holder to make the decision to allow a collaborator into the chapter instead of The ONE dictating who is a good fit.

4. The weekly meeting commitment can be challenging when unexpected challenges fall in your lap. The ONE meets weekly with ONE after hours meet up per month, and the attendance policy, well there isn't one. You may have a substitute o stay top of mind among members or not. Plus, you will not receive threatening emails or letters in the mail if you miss a meeting. We will simple call and make sure you're okay.

5. Red tape and corporate structure makes it feel like a job instead of allowing you to have fun while building relationships and growing your business. The ONE is a fun networking community where members truly believe in each other, support each other, and care about each other. It does not feel like work when networking in The ONE.

6. The ONE does not believe in restrictions and regulations to keep our thumb pressed down on our members. No one knows what our members need for their businesses like they do themselves. If they feel they need to be in multiple organizations and hold multiple leadership positions, it is THEIR decision, not The ONE’s.

7. The ONE meetings are typically lunch meetings and maybe an occasional evening or morning meeting(Up to the chapter President). We want to have a good time or else it will be hard to build critical relationships. We don’t push a sign-in sheet either, so you don’t have to worry about getting spammed to join or frowned upon for not joining.

Join Us...you will be glad you did.

Do you qualify to join The ONE?

We are very selective about who joins The ONE. Answer the questions below and we'll get back to you in two business days. 

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