The Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs

The Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs


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Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with a relaxed and open-minded networking framework where people can get back to the basics of meeting face to face, sharing ideas, working in collaboration, making positive impacts throughout our community, and cultivating a referral network through relationship building.


The ONE truly believes in collaboration over competition and helps members build meaningful connections with other businesses. Unlike most networking organizations, The ONE promotes ALL networking. The ONE does not restrict members to the ONE and truly believes the more you network, the more you grow. So why join?


The ONE is all about relationships! Join The ONE in Gulf Breeze and bring your business to a whole new level.

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Three great ways to attract new customers or earn referrals when you join The Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs!

Community Directory

Attrack Customers
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Lisiting Availability is Unlimited 

National Community Directory Listing 

Increased Traffic to Your Website

Monthly Business After Hours Events

Partner Discounts

No obligations. If you're not happy simply send cancellation ticket we'll stop payments and delete your listing.

Community Directory and Networking

Earn Referrals
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All from Community Directory Plus

Seating Availability is limited to 40 

National and Local Community Directory Listing 

The ONE weekly networking 

Build Sales Team without Payroll

Learn Networking Tips

Monthly Business After Hours Events

Improve Public Speaking skills

Develop Long Lasting Relationships. 

CLC Lodging Discounts (Save $10 to $50/night)

Corporate Perks 

Partner Discounts

Office Depot Store Purchase Card (Allows the Cardholder to receive their custom discount pricing when making purchases at Office Depot's retail stores)

Increased Traffic to Your Website

Logo and Link included in Monthly newsletter

Bi-Annual Member Profile Blog Posting and Boosted Promotions

One Industry Seat Per Chapter

Community Directory, Networking, and Boost

Earn Referrals & Be Seen! 
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All From Community Directory & Networking Plus

Home page Ad limited to 6 businesses. Your logo and link to your website will be on The ONE's home page.

What's new with us?

The ONE Networking Membership Benefits

Includes the following

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Develop Long Lasting Relationships

Relationships are The Currency of Life

Community Directory Listing

Full Business Description plus click to call, click to map, and click to website

Weekly business networking meetings

Networking and Relationship Building

Build Sales Team without Payroll

Members Learn Your Business

Business after hours events

Invite to The ONE Business After Hours Events

Learn Networking Tips

Master Your Networking Skills

Improve Public Speaking skills

Get constructive criticism to master your public speaking 

Quarterly Member Profile Postings and Boosted Promotions

Member Profile shared to social media, boosted, and newletter insert

CLC Lodging Discounts

Save $10 to $50/night on Lodging

Corporate Perks

Free Membership to Corporate Perks to Score Significant Business Related Discounts

Partner Discounts

Save up to 50% with NETSIMPLE and HIVE VOC Products or Services

Office Depot Store Purchase Card

Allows the Cardholder to receive discount pricing when making purchases at Office Depot's retail stores

No Restrictions

You are not restricted to The ONE. The More You Network. The More You Grow!

FREE Brunch

Only The ONE in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola have made-to-order brunch provided by The ONEs Chef TJ Knight

Featured Members

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